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About Montauk Shores

The community now known as Montauk Shores has been in existence for approximately sixty-five years. Montauk Shores Condominium began its heritage years ago as a rustic seaside campsite for many adventurous pioneers who would pitch a tent or just sleep out under the stars. The area was originally used for tent camping. There were also cabanas, bungalows and cabooses. At one time there were at least two bathhouses and a small “general store”. Buddy Wandzilak, one of the original residents, remembered camping here with his wife, Mel, around 1947. Buddy was one of our community’s most tenured residents.  

In 1976 a group of 152 individuals or families banded together and purchased the property after the owners filed bankruptcy. This group was then known as Oceanside Estates Civic Association and they formed Montauk Shores as a mobile home park condominium. It was the first mobile home park condominium in New York State. People were only permitted to purchase one site.

Historical Photos provided by the Wandzilak and Graham families.
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The price of the sites varied depending on how long the individual had a lease with the prior owner of the property. The oceanfront sites, according to the Offering Plan, were to be sold at a minimum price of $15,000.00 and a maximum price of $25,000.00. The Offering Plan also stipulated that interior sites were to be sold at a minimum of $8,000.00 and a maximum of $15,000. However, there were many who paid considerably less than those prices based on the number of years they had been leasing a site from the previous owners. Further, Oceanside Estates Civic Association could not sell the entire 152 sites and some people were then permitted to purchase a second site for $7500.00

Originally, it was the intention of the newly formed Montauk Shores Condominium to lease a total of 100 sites to individual families. However, this was changed by a vote of the owners to limit that number to 47. Therefore, today we have 152 individually owned sites and 47 leased sites.

Aerial Views

Those owing a site own the land their manufactured home sits on by virtue of a deed. The 47 leased sites are part of the common elements of the condominium, but the tenant owns the manufactured home and other structures on the lot. Only owners are permitted to serve on the seven member Board of Managers that oversees the management of the community and works to ensure excellent quality of life.

When formed as a condominium, Montauk Shores had dirt roads and individual or group cesspools. Today the roads are paved and we have a central sewer system consisting of a pumping station and leaching fields.

The homes and grounds are well-maintained. Today, many more amenities exist, including a community clubhouse, a heated swimming pool, on-site management, a full service office, a full time maintenance staff, a playground for children, a gated entrance, security, and organized community events. Our clubhouse provides an area for our residents and their friends to gather. It is also used for many community functions and can be rented by residents for private parties. The large heated swimming pool and play-ground area are also used extensively by residents.

Montauk Shores is zoned as a Resort by the Town of East Hampton and approximately eighty-percent of our residents – owners and tenants – use their homes on a seasonal basis during the summer months. Many also use it as a “getaway” on weekends throughout the year.

Most of our residents want to spend as much time as possible at

“Montauk’s Best Kept Secret”.

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